recent designs

The Tornado

Designed this 60-story iconic corporate landmark for an oceanfront prime property in Abu Dhabi. The sustainable design was inspired by anatomy of a tornado. The circular shape of the plot was a key inspiration in the creation of this concept as both the geometry of the circle and the twisting motion of the tornado would go hand in hand to offer and accentuate 360 degree views covering both the sea and the city.

The Sail Residence

For the design of this residential tower, I was inspired by its location overlooking the creek. The building form is derived from the sailing boat, the simplicity of the hull, and the fluidity and curving form of the sail. The design lends through to the pedestrian use of the space in and around the building at ground level. The podium is permeable along a central slice, to create an active external route with retail units and lighting integrated into a colorful and visually architectural treatment.

Aqua Dunya

Designed Aqua Dunya’s themed hotel, shopping center, restaurants and residential complex. The project comprises of four 55-story mixed-use high-rises as well as multiple encompassing townhouse complexes constructed around a man-made lake. The structures’ fluid design portrays water shooting skyward to create this oasis in the middle of the desert in Dubailand.

Jafza Manufacturing-Office complex

Designed a large Manufacturing complex comprising of eight multilevel structures.  The design emphasizes flexibility, accessibility and functionality. Each structure is created to easily accommodate different type of manufacturing facilities with integrated offices and warehouse. Every level was designed to be directly accessible by shipping trucks. Items manufactured in each level could be warehoused and shipped directly from the same level.



International project Management

Provided Project Management leadership for many massive projects across multiple international offices including 82-story Ocean Heights in Dubai marina, 57-story Empire Tower in Abu Dhabi, Harmony twin towers and The Cloud. Ocean Heights is the fourth tallest residential building in the world and The Cloud is designed to be the largest hotel in the world with more than 6500 keys. These structures were designed by colleagues at Aedas.